Forex chart : British Pound Australian Dollar exchange rate Today. 1 GBP to AUD, 1 AUD to GBP Live chart for Long-term forecast and Position Trading

[1 GBP to AUD, Australian Dollar]

[Australian Dollar, 1 AUD to GBP]

1 GBP to AUD, GBP/AUD, 1 AUD to GBP, AUD/GBP, British Pound sterling and Australian Dollar exchange rate live chart
Australian dollar (AUD)
Currency sign (symbol): $ / A$, ISO 4217 currency code: AUD.

Official currency of the Commonwealth of Australia, including Christmas Island, Cocos Islands, Norfolk Island, Pacific Island states of Kiribati, Nauru and Tuvalu. And Used in Ashmore and Cartier Islands, Australian Antarctic Territory, Coral Sea Islands, Heard Island, McDonald Islands. Nickname: Aussie, Menzies. Central bank: Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA).